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Product Review

Product: Gatsby Facial Wash Ice Cooling Gel

So first off this product has 3 key items it says it should do:

1. Strong cleansing power deeply cleanses dust, oil and dirty from pores.

2. High menthol content gives instant blast of icy cool freshness to the skin after wash

3. Unique cooling agent ensures skin remains cool and fresh even after long periods.

Lets just say that this product does do all over the above, and quite well. This product has been a long time favorite of mine; it leaves your face feeling cool and fresh, as well as removing any dirt or oil you have on your face. It is also a good wash before applying makeup to the skin.
 As you see in my photo you only need a small amount to cover your entire face, which makes this product last for a long time. I do recommend mixing up between this and other face washes because overuse may cause some drying; this goes for leaving the product on your face for a long time as well.

This product can be purchased at Mitsuwa Markets here in the U.S or many local Japanese or Korean grocery or beauty stores you have in your area. If you don’t live near that type of store, this product can also be purchased on ebay.

Summary: I have been using this product for a long time and it is always a go to refreshing face wash that I would recommend to all guys out there who want to keep their face fresh and clean!

If you guys have questions about my reviews feel free to ask!

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